Urbanista Malibu - Black

2 292 kr

LIGHT POWERED: The world’s first self-charging outdoor activity speaker powered by Powerfoyle™ solar cell technology.

FULL DAY BATTERY RESERVE: Malibu comes with a full day battery reserve, making sure you will never run out of charge throughout your day.

FULLY WATERPROOF: IP67 protected against water, sand, dust and dirt, Malibu keeps the music going all day long, no matter the conditions.

UNBOUND POWER: Urbanista Malibu is the world’s first solar charging wireless speaker with integrated Powerfoyle™ solar cell technology. With Malibu’s mobile companion app, you can keep track of the speaker’s live light-charging and historical performance to make the most out of your playtime. The speaker comes with a full day battery reserve that makes sure you will never run out of charge, no matter the lighting conditions.

UNBOUND FREEDOM: Malibu’s wireless design allows you to enjoy your music wherever you are, unbound from limitations. The durable speaker offers everything you need to immerse yourself in your music. The integrated lanyard and rugged design are built for convenience, water-resistance and durability so you can take your tunes anywhere. You can even connect two Malibu speakers together for a true stereo experience with the Stereo Link feature.

UNBOUND SOUND: Urbanista Malibu puts you in complete control of your audio experience. You can effortlessly take charge of your tunes with the speaker’s intuitive control buttons, or even connect up to two devices together with the Stereo Link function for a true stereo experience. Malibu self-charges whenever exposed to indoor or outdoor light, keeping the music going all day long.

UNBOUND STYLE: Inspired by the iconic beach city known for its outdoor life, the speaker comes in three unique colorways, including the classic Midnight Black and new Desert Gray, providing the kind of energy you need to power up your day with truly unbound sound. Made out of recycled plastic and fabrics, Malibu is your sustainable sound companion, wherever your day takes you.