Muse ML-655 BT

2 647 kr

The Muse ML-655BT is a totally new kind of portable Bluetooth speaker, and comes with a tripod with magnetic mount. It is aplsh proof, has a multi color light (built in). The sound quality is really great with powerful bass, and the speaker comes together with a remote control. So for an evening in the garden with nice lightning effects, this Bluetooth speaker has it all. And if you don't want all these lights, then you can easily turn it off or put it on just one color (or white). Stereo pairing function, so two speakers can be connected to each other and play stereo sound. AUX in. Power adaptor included. Size (H x W x L): 574 x 319 x 366 mm Weight: 2,9 kg

  • 100W output power
  • IPX4 Spash proof
  • Detachable from the tripod
  • Rechargable
  • Color changing lights

Design BT-speaker with multi color lights, detachable tripod, remote control and IPX4 splas proof.