Trunk Nylon leather for MacBook Pro 16" - black

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

The world can be a tough place for your not-so-tough laptop. Scratches happen. If it’s not a set of keys with bad intentions, then it’s that pen you threw in your bag’s laptop compartment thinking it’d be fine. You need something tougher than what surrounds it. Like this leather sleeve.

This TRUNK computer sleeve for MacBook is made of premium quality leather. The TRUNK sleeve provides maximum protection for your MacBook in a sleek and simple design. As we say: Designed for Apple. Fits perfectly with your 13 ”or 16” MacBook with its simple and elegant design.

OBS! Fn. kan ej leveranstiden anges. Inväntar leverantörsbesked. PRODUKTEN KOMMER ERSÄTTA AV LEAALSPRO16-BLK. 2303-28 FINNS INGA UPPGIFTER KRING PRIS OCH LEVERANS