D. Bramante 1928 Skagen Pro Sleeve 13"/14"

549 kr

The Skagen Pro is much more than just a stylish, streamlined and impact protective laptop/MacBook sleeve. Fashioned in Denmark by a Climate Positive Company, it has a streamlined construction, zipper closure and a soft inner protective lining. Protect your device and the planet with this feature-rich, eco-friendly laptop sleeve.

Handcrafted from luxurious full-grain leather, this sleeve will develop a beautiful patina with use and is lovingly created from sustainable long-life materials f...

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  • Guided by WWF, dbramante1928 is becoming a Climate Positive Company

  • Handcrafted from full-grain sustainable leather

  • Zipper closure with a protective inner 'lip' to avoid device scratches

  • Protective, soft inner lining with one main compartment

  • Designed to fit the 13" Laptops & MacBook Pro/Air 13" (pre 2016/18)