Xceed CoverKey for iPad 9.7 (gen 5+6)

Xceed CoverKey for iPad 9.7 (gen 5+6)

797 SEK
Xceed – CoverKey for iPad Gen 5 & 6 (2017/18)

CoverKey for iPad is designed to protect your iPad, improve your typing and working experience.
The keyboard is designed with a lot of functions to help you like:
- Apple iOS Short-Cut’s
- Special functions like Backspace, delete and print screen
- Use of slim-key technology for soft & silent typing
- Four different viewing angels to choose from
- +90 days standby time
- +100 working hours

Did you know that with an Xceed keyboard study shows you can improve your speed of typing with up to 70 percent.

CoverKey keyboard has a pan Nordic layout – SWE, DK, NO and FI

CoverKey keyboard is made for iPad Gen 5 & 6 (2017/18)

OBS! Endast tangentbord ingår i köp, ej iPad.