Charge Amps Charging Station HALO 1P CA-100651

Charge Amps Charging Station HALO 1P CA-100651

14995 SEK
Lösning för dig som vill ladda din elbil hemma över natten eller på arbetsplatsen över dagen.

Type 2 - 3,7 kW - Schuko

The smartest time to charge your car is during the night, when both you and your car are resting. That is when you need the small and stylish charging station HALO Wallbox™.

- Reliable EV charging with smart software.
- Full control of charging via cloud service.
- Smart timer and lock function for a simpler everyday life.
- Made of recycled aluminium.
- Additional 10 A Schuko plug included for various usage

HALO Wallbox™ is one of the smallest charging stations available and comes equipped with a fixed cable with a Type-2 socket. This allows you to plug in your car easily without having to get a separate cable every single time, which is a major convenience. Connected to the cloud service you can monitor your power consumption and optimize your charging sessions.

OBS! Bör installeras av behörig elektriker.