Veho MZ-3

2 347 kr

The Veho MZ-3 is the new portable, lifestyle wireless speaker from Veho. With 15W speaker, 1” tweeter and 3” sub, for a rich bass sound the MZ-3 has up to 7 hours of battery life. The portable sized MZ-3 with carrying strap, means you can share your music wherever you go. The MZ-3 is IPX4 rated against water splashes, rain or dust. Perfect to take to the park, by the pool or just in the house. You can pair the MZ-3 with another MZ-3 via stereo pairing mode. 

  • Speaker, 15W (1 x 1" tweeter) (1 x 3" sub)
  • Frequency, 65Hz-18KHz
  • SNR, =75dB(A) 
  • Play modes, Bluetooth® 
  • Working distance, 10M 
  • Battery, 2200mAh lithium, 11.1V 
  • Bluetooth® version, BLE v4.2 
  • Stereo pairing mode, Yes 
  • WaterproofI, PX4 
  • Dimensions, 130mm x 130mm x 230mm 
  • Weight, 1509g
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