Veho Cave - Smart home security starter kit

2 189 kr

The Cave Smart Home Starter Kit, with a dedicated App, allows you and your family to remotely control and view your home security system. Set or disarm the Cave system from anywhere in the world using the intuitive Cave app. Cave is easy to set up and expand using a QR barcode system you can securely add accessories to your system. Cave can connect using a wireless, wired or mobile network.

Startkitet innehåller:

  • 1 x Cave SmartHub
  • 1 x Cave Wireless Motion Sensor
  • 1 x Cave Wireless Contact Sensor
  • 1 x Cave Remote Control
  • 1m Ethernet Cable

Det tillkommer inga abonnemangskostnader för appen

Komplettera med fler sensorer och/eller kameror!