Huddly IQ Laptop, inkl 0,6 m USB-3 cable

10 499 kr

Huddly  IQ Laptop is un software-defined camera
Huddly cameras are software-defined and designed to evolve. Built from the ground up, Huddly’s unique combination of beautifully designed hardware, upgradable software platform and Huddly desktop app deliver a video collaboration experience like no other - the Huddly camera will get better and smarter throughout its lifetime with cutting-edge new features.
The Huddly camera features a convolutional neural network that uses visual data to evolve and get smarter in a way that is similar to the human brain.

Convolutional Neural Network
In machine learning, a convolutional neural network (CNN) is a class of deep, feed-forward artificial neural networks, most commonly applied to analyzing visual imagery.Inspired by biological processes, the Huddly camera features a multi-layered CNN design with the connectivity pattern between neurons resembling the organization of the animal visual cortex. Using its CNN, the Huddly camera can instantly identify visual patterns, allowing it to recognize people and objects.
Examples: People counting, meeting room availability, content capturing, action recognition (like voting, whiteboarding, standing up, walking around, falling down.

Secure and private
All data processing happens in the camera without the need to be sent to a computer or the cloud for processing, meaning the Huddly camera allows for a superior level of privacy and security. This also moves compute-intensive operations to the edge, minimising the need for bandwidth and allowing for immediate response.

Complying to USB, video and audio standards, the Huddly camera will support most platforms and collaboration platforms. Combined with its portable form factor and multiple mounting options, the Huddly camera is the world’s most versatile conferencing camera.

Specifications Huddly IQ
150 degree wide-angle lens
150° wide-angle lens lets you capture
everyone in the room, transforming even the
smallest rooms into high quality conference suites
6 element glass ultra-wide angle optics
Horizontal field of view 120°
Vertical field of view 90°
Diagonal field of view 150°
ƒ/2.8 aperture

12 Mpx backside-illuminated CMOS image sensor
Delivers immersive, crystal-clear HD video

Flexible video pipeline
HD 1080p 30fps output
HD 720p 30fps output
360p 30fps output
16:9 aspect ratio
Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom with 3x lossless digital zoom
Low latency (100ms)
USB 3 UVC 1.1 Compatible
YUV uncompressed video support over USB 3
MJPEG support

People awareness detects people in the room
Zooms in to create an optimal view for the far-end participants

People Count
People awareness will calculate the number of people in the room
Access to this information over usb

Computing power
1 TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second) Neural Compute
Total 4 TOPS

Easy Installation
Plug & Play - Driverless install
Linux/Chrome/Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10/
MacOS 10.x, 9.x compatible
Flexible mounting options
Suitable for desktop, room and open space scenarios
Compatible with virtually all collaboration software platforms
USB Type-C connector

Self-Upgrading Huddly Vision Software
Regular updates to our Huddly Vision software mean
that with a single click, your camera will continue to
improve with new, cutting-edge features

Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Huddly has no moving parts, making it compact
and silent, as well as more reliable and accurate.
Instantly pan and tilt digitally, with lossless zoom up
to 3x

180° Auto-Flip
When mounted upside down, the camera automatically
provides the correct view

Dynamic Light Optimization
Auto-adjusts to your lighting conditions so you’ll
always look your best, no matter where you are

Visual Noise Filtering
Bias compensating spatio-temporal filtering
with wide area chroma filtering

Real-Time Dewarping
The wide-angle image is dewarped and
perspective corrected in real time, rendering
a natural, true-life view

Directional beamforming microphone array
UAC 1.1 Compatible

Embedded Mounting Hinge
Easily attaches to any TV screen, laptop or monitor

Camera Tripod Mount
For flexible mounting on tripods and Huddly mounting