Airtame 2 Wireless Presenter HDMI Dongle

5 879 kr

AirTame 2 mirror Screen via IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WPA2-PSK/WPA2-EAP/Open

Airtame 2 is a cloud-manageable, wireless HDMI adapter designed for businesses and schools. Plug it into a TV or a projector, and connect it to
your WiFi network to wirelessly share your entire desktop or a single window, present documents from mobile devices, stream to multiple
screens and more. When you're not mirroring your computer screen to Airtame 2, use it for digital signage: show custom images, websites, and
dashboards. Airtame works with all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux, iOS, and Android. Manage, update and change
settings for your Airtame 2 devices in bulk through the Airtame Cloud platform.
 obile app. No sweat.
Airtame makes it easy to present on the go. Convert your slides to a PDF and access files online, then tap to present. Finally, a device that can keep up with your pace.