Kindermann KLICK & SHOW TOUCH-U USB-A Transmitter

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Klick+Show TOUCH Transmitter
Klick & Show TOUCH is a compact WiFi sender, coming in a sleek form-factor of an easy-to-use touch-sensitive dongle, which is connected to the laptop via USB.

A slight touch of the dongle surface activates the laptop as the active source during a presentation of a single person or group of persons and live content is mirrored to the main

The dongle features a dual-color LED indicator and "force-feedback"vibration to provide feedback about the activity status to the user.

The Klick & Show TOUCH is the easy-to-use approach to collaboration.
- 1 x Klick & Show TOUCH, single add-on transmitter for the Klick & Show K-10S Kit (part number 7488000300)
- Connection: USB 2.0, Type A
- Chose between mirroring either your primary or secondary laptop desktop

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