Kindermann KLICK & SHOW K-FX HDMI Kit w 2xtransmitters

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KLICK & SHOW K-FX transforms conventional conference rooms into hybrid meeting rooms, facilitating collaboration between the office and remote participants. It wirelessly connects your laptop to the main display and to existing USB devices in your meeting room, like video- or soundbars, cameras and speakerphones.

In this concept, which is known as BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), employees can make audio/video calls using their own account on their preferred UCC platform, whether Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex or Google Meet, etc. This makes spontaneous participation in hybrid meetings from your conference room a breeze. KLICK & SHOW K-FX connects staff in conference and huddle rooms with external participants in seconds, with the best picture and sound quality.

The use of a KLICK & SHOW K-FX system allows for a clean and tidy meeting room without adapters or cables on or under the table. Two HDMI type WIFI TOUCH transmitters are included in the kit to wirelessly share content from compatible Windows, MacOS and Linux laptops: just connect the transmitter to your device and touch the transmitter’s sensor button to mirror your live content to the main screen.

Content from mobile phones and tablets can be shared just as easily via Airplay, Miracast, Chromecast or via the free Android app.

The Kindermann KLICK & SHOW K-FX - The easy Wireless Conferencing & Collaboration solution.
Collaborate wirelessly, present wirelessly, save time, be more productive – that’s how you succeed!

Features & Benefits:

Universal BYOD & BYOM Conferencing:
Wirelessly present content from laptops and mobile devices on the main display and wirelessly connect to existing USB conferencing devices in your meeting room. KLICK & SHOW K-FX is compatible to almost all USB cameras, USB video-/soundbars, USB speakerphones and professional AEC (Active Echo Cancelation) solutions available on the market. K-FX is compatible to all leading UCC platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Meet and more.

Universal, cross-platform solution:
From Windows, MacOS and Linux to iOS or Android – just present the way you like!
KLICK & SHOW has been designed as a highly device-compatible, platform-independent presentation system for commercial use cases to support all major operating systems, including native support for Apple Airplay, Miracast, and Chromecast.

Plug & Play:
KLICK & SHOW HDMI and USB-C transmitters are pure plug & play devices. It‘s as simple as connecting an external PC monitor: Just plug the transmitter into your computer’s video port and touch the transmitter’s sensor button to share your laptop content wirelessly to the main screen. In addition, a software PC-client can also be used for software-only access to the meeting.

Low-latency wireless transmission:
Despite the signal transmission working without a cable, your screen will be mirrored in brilliant Full-HD resolution with virtually no visible latency, which is an outstanding feature of KLICK & SHOW.

High-resolution 4K split-screen output:
With KLICK & SHOW you can view and compare content from up to 4 different devices simultaneously for more productive meetings. The combined live split-image is output in 4K high resolution for optimum readability even of detailed content.

Interactive Touch-Back function:
The Touch-Back function of KLICK & SHOW allows to reverse-control your laptop computer from any compatible large-format interactive display or interactive whiteboard used as the main display device in the room, for more interactive meetings. The Touch-Back on KLICK & SHOW even works in 4-user split-screen mode to reverse-control up to 4 laptops at the same time and involves only very little latency for an intuitive workflow.

Whiteboarding & Annotation:
KLICK & SHOW comes fully featured with indispensable tools for more productive meetings. In combination with a large-format interactive screen as your main display you can capture spontaneous brainstorming sessions using an empty canvas in Whiteboarding mode - or switch to Annotation mode to highlight or comment on relevant topics shown on the main screen. You can then capture screenshots and share them to all participants.

Extended screen:
Professionals will love the ability to choose between either the primary or secondary laptop desktop to be mirrored. The extended desktop option allows for perfect Powerpoint presentations with preview functionality.

Join 30 participants in a meeting:
Up to 30 devices can be connected at the same time to a KLICK & SHOW base, either using any of 2 types of WIFI transmitter dongles, the available software PC-Client, the native Airplay, Miracast, or Chromecast protocol, or the free Android app. Use the KLICK & SHOW moderator function to manage your potential presenters via preview thumbnails.

Security matters:
IT security is crucial in commercial environments. KLICK & SHOW provides a high level of data security through a secure WIFI transmission based on AES WPA2 PSK authentication. As a further protective measure, the captured laptop content stream receives an additional 2nd level of up to 256/1024-bit encryption, before the actual data is being wirelessly transmitted.

Corporate network integration and administration:
KLICK & SHOWs built-in configurable WIFI hotspot and webserver allows fast and simple Plug & Play setup in typical environments without the need for any enterprise network integration. KLICK & SHOW comes pre-configured and ready-to-use. However, the system can be configured as a part of a corporate network, for example in large-scale deployments, with even separate routing for staff and guests, or to provide internet access and centralized remote IP administration.