Sandberg Speaker Phone Bluetooth+USB 126-41

1 076 kr

Sandberg SpeakerPhone Bluetooth+USB is a flexible and portable audio solution for online meetings. Connect it to your computer’s USB port, wired, or wireless by Bluetooth and you will immediately have a loudspeaker and microphone in one and the same device. The Bluetooth function will also allow to use it with all you other mobile devices for both video chats and normal conversations. A perfect alternative to a headset in your home office or for the meeting room at your workplace. With a 360-degree noise-reducing microphone to capture voices from every angle in the room, with crystal-clear sound projection without any echo.

  • Wired by USB or wireless by Bluetooth

  • 2in1 Microphone + speaker

  • Rechargeable battery for 8-10 hours talk time

  • USB dongle for easy wireless plug&play